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Alfrédov – golf & wellness resort

Alfrédov – a place abundant with history where still the country tradition can be sensed is surrounded by a beautiful countryside full of woods, ponds and fi elds. Located just 2 km from the Praha–Rozvadov highway (E5 – exit 107), it seems to bring us miraculously into a completely different time and space and invites us to relax, rest and enjoy some remarkable moments. This all is made available together with the full range of the modern-world conveniences.
Taste of the golf- and wellness menu of the Alfrédov resort.


The history

The history of the Alfrédov property goes back to 12th century when it once belonged to the Kladruby monastery. In 18th century the monastery was abolished and in 1825 this object was bought by Alfréd I. Windischgrätz who renamed the small village of Všetice to Alfrédov. In 1921 the owner of the – by then – homestead became a Czech citizen Mr. Bohumil Velík and his family has rented this property to me after the restitutions had become valid. I have bought the property – devastated by the communist regime – in 1994. My original plan was to use it for farming, my beloved activity. To farming is related also fi shing and hunting, both very dear to me since my childhood. In 1999 webegan to build a nine-hole course for a few golf enthusiasts from the neighbouring cities. By many people this was viewed as a pure foolishness. Gradual development of the course kept waking interest of an increasing number of players and after it has been extended to the current eighteen holes the golf club counts more than 700 members today. The number of people who seek a good location for their family or company activities keeps growing. I believe we have something to off er. Our strength lies in the customer-oriented approach. Quite a few of our guests turn into regular visitors who enjoy the services of the continuously developing resort as well as the clean natural
environment of the Holýšov uplands. 



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